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Last one [27 Aug 2008|10:46pm]
this will be my last post from the house in bel air
chris and i move this weekend
we're pretty excited
i think i'm most scared of actually being an adult. there's no denying it now
instead of staying over at his place
i get to come home to my future husband every night

not a bad deal

i've started planning wedding stuff. little by little

it still feels weird that i'm not moving back to college
i wonder when that will stop

only a few more days

and chris
remember to pick up your socks
for the love of god
(oh my god i can nag you about that all the time now. awesome)
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Also... [07 Jul 2008|10:14pm]
Chris and I officially have an apartment in White Marsh which we'll move into the beginning of September


we set a date for Halloween of next year.

right on.
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sincei 've posted it everywhere else [01 Jul 2008|10:55pm]
i'm covering my grounds.
as of friday in central park

chris and i are engaged (oh shit)

and it's super cool

when i'm not lazy, i'll post pictures

or you can just go to my myspace and see for yourself

*waves to chris who seems very far away even though i'm talking to him on aim*
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another thing [26 Mar 2008|12:46pm]
to along with my other post, if you wouldn't mind getting emails from me (most often the case but if not, a colleague of mine) to ask questions for the paper, i'd really appreciate it.
it's going to be fun things like what do you love/hate about the city
what could you live without
tell us your dating horror stories
send us pictures of such and such topic
PLEASE send me your email address. we really want a lot of user generated content to get the public involved and it would help me/us out a lot. this won't be a forever type of thing but (my understanding is) until things get really going as far as feedback on the website/email/mail/phone calls.
if you don't feel comfortable putting it in a comment here, give me a call, text, aim message, myspace/facebook message or email me at work at marissa@bthesite.com

and especially thanks to those who have already given me their info :-) you're amazing
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a favor, baltimore [25 Mar 2008|01:33pm]
as many of you do (but even more don't) i'm working for a new publication out of towson called "b". it's going to be like the city paper meets entertainment weekly meets the examiner but better and more fun (since i'm biased).
our first issue comes out april 14th but in the mean time, we're working hard to get things started and we want A LOT of feedback about things you guys want to see, especially involving the city, read about, hate, love, etc.
if you could PLEASE just take a minute and send me your thoughts and ideas, i'd appreciate it more than you know. we want this to work and create a product that people are going to love.


xposted on myspace and eventually facebook when i figure it out
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i suppose i'll make this official [19 Feb 2008|10:37pm]
starting march 31st, i'll be working for the baltimore sun.

almost 2 weeks ago, my boss, ted, called me into his office to talk. i figured it was about making me a reporter because one of the editors, alisia, had left a week or two prior to work at the sun. he asked if alisia had called me yet. i said "no?"
he goes on to explain that alisia is working on this project at the sun and apparently she put my name in as a possible people to work on it with her, similar to what i'm doing now but with no obits and more feature writing.
the next day she calls me to tell me more about it and says she wants me to come in for an interview on wednesday. i get all excited because when she was describing what i would be doing, it's exactly right up my alley and things i've always wanted to write about.
i drive up with mom into the city on wednesday and go in for the interview with alisia, another woman named anne and then later on the big recruiting guy, bill. they're all super nice and on the same page as me and laugh at my silly jokes and dig my portfolio and say they want me to send them an email the next day with all my ideas. so i do. and the email is gigantic since i've been thinking of things i'd want to read or write about for years and years.
friday, i'm at the mall with chris and i check my phone and there's a voicemail from bill saying to call him back. i dance and start freaking out and start chanting holycrapiwantthisjob.
we get into my car and i call him back and he says "right off the bat, i loved all your ideas and i want to offer you the job"
i squealed and said yay. i am professional
so it's going to be a real life full time job with a salary and benefits.
unfortunately, i can't really talk about it quite yet as things are still in the works project wise. but i can say that's it's going to be amazing and everything i've always wanted to do. PLUS it's out of towson.
it's going to suck not working at the aegis anymore because i love everyone there. and ted said that he was going to make me a reporter officially if i hadn't gotten it :-/ oh well.
i'm not going to be making the big bucks but more than i am now.
so pretty much, everything changed in the course of a week.
i think i'll get more nervous when the time comes to switch places
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[27 Jun 2007|12:50am]
so apparently ben's insane girlfriend made him take me off his my space?

it was bad enough she snuck around and found my screen name and had a hissy fit
and then she told him she didn't want us hanging out
and now this?

i didn't get the memo that we were 15 again, sorry.

i barely talk to him as is, i've seen him ONCE in the past year, yet i'm still a threat because we almost dated last april.
he's crazy in love with her (for god knows what reason)
i'm crazy in love with steve
and well
she's just crazy

and she probably found this live journal and checks it to see if i mention anything about her precious benjamin


to tell you the truth, i'm more pissed that ben lets this happen. no wonder he barely has any friends
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have you forgotten how to love yourself? [25 Jun 2007|12:26am]
run down of the past few weeks and then some more:

~got my license. i know you guys didn't think it would happen but it did. and yes, i will pick you up and drive you somewhere as pay back for the past several years. it's still very very odd everytime i get in the car and realize it's just me. but i play my music and talk to myself so i remember everything. so far going very well
~had an interview with a temp agency who is trying to set me up with some clerical work. they called friday saying they sent my resume (which apparently my aunt was very impressed with?) to a company who may be interested in hiring me permenantly. but we'll see since i'm not the only one. just a matter of time before i get hired some place.
~got to see lisa and kari last week which was lovely on both ocassions. very needed conversations with both of them. things are progressing and i still freak out when i realize that we're adults now and we're supposed to do grown up things. pish posh i say
~mom is in hawaii until the 4th. just like her. just another reason why i love her so, she's adventurous and a little crazy. she basically got a free ticket and she's staying with my uncle and the family while they're house sitting for a friend out there. so she's spending 2 weeks in hawaii for practically nothing. yes, i'm a little jealous
~gramm and sarah set the date for their wedding, halloween of next year and i'm super excited. sarah said we'll got get my fabric soon so she can start making my dress
~went up to towson on friday . met up with steve, had dinner, met up with people (laura, keith) to celebrate christa's 21st. had a lot of fun talking to people and socializing. steve was great and let me hang out with my friends and played pool. got to see rex for a little bit. spent a lovely night/next day with steve before dropping me back off in towson. met up with ciara and had dinner with her, bev, and jason. i miss them so much.

things i want to do this summer:
get back to walking a lot
read (halfway through perks of being a wallflower)
go to ocean city for a day/weekend
atlantic city with the girls
go to kings dominion/six flags
do the things i say i'm going to do

oh yea, and i saw a huge iguana at the flea market steve and i went to and i wanted to buy it so bad. i would've if i thought my cat wouldn't eat it.
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there are bones to bury and bones to find, this place is coming to life [07 Jun 2007|11:54pm]
in the past few weeks i have done things like:

go to the inner harbor

pretend make out with matty while drunk

eat ice cream and wear a hat on bev's birthday

see nintendo art on the side of the library

get my hair done


and get another tattoo

let me know what you've been up to
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by tomorrow morning i'll have this thing beat [06 Jun 2007|12:08am]
point by point

-moved back home
-dinners and visited with dad (which went better than expected)
-been moving things around, unpacking, find room for my endless amount of stuff
-not working at hallmark this summer so still looking for a job
-driving test on friday
-got my 4th tat on saturday with le steve. he sweetly held my hand while i cursed.
-seen amanda a few times since i've been back. seeing shman soon and hopefully lisa (got your invite today, thanks!)
-been sick since saturday...i feel gross still
-i miss towson and everyone in it
-missing certain people more than others
-got free books in bmore
-saw my brother's new place
-miss steve like nuts

when i close my eyes and hear this song...i feel europe.
do you still get that lis?
i see the brick and taste the humid air and see people crowding the street and feeling alone amongst them.
i liked that anonymity
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[14 May 2007|07:49pm]
[ mood | loved ]

She's my only true love
she's all that I think of
look here in my wallet
that's her
She grew up on a farm there
there's a place on my arm
where I've written her name
next to mine
you see I just can't
live without her
and I'm her only boy
and she grew up outside McHenry
in Johnsburg, Illinois

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would you be surprised if i collapse down at your feet again [08 May 2007|12:53am]
i'm not sure what's going on with the universe but it's fucking over all my friends and i don't know how much more of it i can handle.
i see what's going on with ciara and i cry for her because i know how badly it hurts. i know what's it's like to unconditionally love someone and have it all go to shit in a matter of seconds. i know it's selfish but seeing her go through this is bringing up all old memories of bill and it literally pains me. i couldn't stop it then, and i couldn't do anything to help this time either.
i see what's going on with bev and justin and jenny and lisa and anna(but at least you got the condo which is amazing!) and there's not enough of me to help and i feel awful. i'm trying, i promise.
i'm not sure why nothing shittastic has happened to me yet. and for that i'm grateful.
it means the world to me to know he means it everytime he says it <3

and on that note, my brother proposed to his girlfriend this weekend and i almost cried. i love my brother, and sarah and i'm so excited to have a sister. i opened the door when she came to the house on saturday and the first thing she says is "hi sister!" and hugs me. and she asked me to be a bridesmaid. i adore those kids.

what else. 2 more weeks? just about. almost done. picked up cap and gown today, a little scary. don't know what i'm going to say to dad when i see him at graduation.
living in bal.co. with matty? most likely
grub street's getting delivered tomorrow. i am now officially in print. orgy is on wednesday. reading the piece that got in, another poem i wrote at the orgy in december and possibly a work in progress depending on my mood.

had an amazing couple talks with anna tonight. chick is too smart for her own good. it's so strange when people have experiences that mirror my own. she made a comment of how even if you love someone for a second that's enough to love them for an eternity. you don't forget those people. you can't.

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[29 Apr 2007|09:35pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

after a very odd and crappy two days, it was all worth because not only did i see guster today, but i met brian who is my second favorite person in the universe next to jason lee. it was also one of my life goals to meet guster (or at least one of them since i'm not picky).
one goal out of many completed. i feel fulfilled

right as some girl took this picture i said "sorry, i'm going to be all up on you now" and he said "that's ok, you can be all up on me" and that's why my smile is ridiculous

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[02 Apr 2007|12:07am]
i've been on a gigantic are you afraid of the dark binge the last week or so.
remember gary?

well he got REALLY hot (even though i had a crush on him as a kid)

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[30 Mar 2007|01:42pm]

one of the girls here cornered me last night when i was heading out for my date night with bev and pretty much begged me to take her shift today since she was dumb and didn't say anything about it until 2 days ago.
oh well, a couple extra bucks.
going to the mall after i get out of here. it's lovely out and i feel like a walk.

things are trucking along. yesterday, i was a bad student and didn't go to shakespeare, instead i went to lunch with rex and cari from grub street then rex tagged along with me until he had to go to class later that night. we sat outside of my building for a long time because rich and travis were playing guitar and banging on a trash can. it was lovely. i told rich to play me something pretty and he played a sufjan stevens song while i messed with his crazy curly hair. then ryan came around and played. it was a lovely afternoon and even though i should've gone to class, i'm glad i didn't. it was one of those "hey, i like being young and in college" moments.

yea, i'll miss it here.

dashboard confessional is playing tigerfest, very excited for that.
crashing loyola's spring fest at the end of april to see guster with ciara. i'll kill if i have to.
the new andrew bird is just lovely.
watching are you afraid of the dark is amazing.

can't wait to see my heart tonight
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[25 Mar 2007|12:43am]
holy shit
found justin serio on my space
and he's engaged to nanette shannon?!

thanks to everyone i know who's NOT getting married and scaring the crap out of me

you're ok too, lis
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[24 Mar 2007|12:38am]
just putting this out there:

if you or someone you know goes to loyola, here's a question

guster is playing at loyola on april 29th and i've been waiting for tickets to go on sale. so earlier this week i check the guster site and it says that students are free and it's closed to the general public which is retarded for many many reasons. so i go to the loyola site to see what's up and according to them, the event doesn't even exist. i want to know what's going on with that since it's a NECESSITY i see guster. i missed them last year and the february show was sold out before i could get a ticket.
help a girl out

x-posted like your mom
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drip drop the lovely dream [14 Mar 2007|12:42pm]
things taste optimistic

i don't know if it's because of the gorgeous weather or because something in the universe is balancing out but, at the moment, everything feels better.

plus, there's not many things better than a nice breeze and listening to guster for a couple hours, even though i'm starving and craving dining hall ice cream. one thing at a time.

school is going well, though i'm constantly busy.
friends are doing well
i'm still finding time myself as well as certain others

i don't know
i'm just


going home this friday for spring break. hopefully it will be a restful one. i'll get to see my lovelies.
today will consist of a test in logic, perhaps going to human development since i didn't on monday, seeing tim who i haven't seen in over a year since he graduated and i'm so fucking excited to see! going to see troy women (a play i'm required to see for class) with bebs and ciara (oh fuck, get tickets, marissa). and if i have time, stopping by bateman's to say happy birthday to ryan.

we'll be going over my poems in grubstreet tomorrow. i'm terrified, but prepared for the worst. fuck them if they don't like poems about pancakes.

i think i'm making the right choice with this one.

less than three
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[02 Mar 2007|01:29am]
tonight, because i can't sleep, i decided to look up people i graduated with on my space and facebook. i've come to these conclusions:
1.everyone has gotten married
2.everyone has had a kid
3.people are either a)fatter b)sluttier c)look exactly the same
4.i can't remember 3/4ths of these people and it's only been a couple years. they look familiar but i wouldn't have been able to tell you from where i know them or their name
5.i had crushes on gross people in high school/middle school. except for greg woodward who shall always remain gorgeous.

i also find brad simpson, the guy i liked all through middle school and part of high school. he looks exactly the same...except severely stoned. i'm pretty sure he wrote his entire my space page stoned or tripping because it all has to do with how god doesn't exist and how the government is using the media to brain wash you. which is a shame because i had such fond memories of calling him during TRL and doing math homework together. oh simpler times
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[26 Feb 2007|11:01pm]
i just cut ties with someone i care a lot about. at least, i used to. i'm proud that i stood up for myself and did it and never once apologized because i never had anything to apolgozie for. i'm glad that i found out that he was a much bigger asshole than i could have ever imagined before i invested more of myself in our friendship or more.
i'm still sad. it's hard letting go. i'll miss certain things. i hope he gets what he wants out of life. he has a lot of potential and deep down he is a good person. hopefully, he'll realize that sooner or later.
oh well.
i'm grateful for the wonderful people i do have in my life.
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